Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Monday, November 12, 2012

Thinking about the World's Cuddliest Rabbit - And Other Pets Too

My rabbit Theodore enjoys being held.  If he needed (more) t-shirts, I'd get him one that says "World's Cuddliest Rabbit."

I met the cuddliest rabbit in the IKEA parking lot.  His previous owner and I had agreed to meet there for the transfer.  We'd talked on the phone and, evidently, I met the criteria for a suitable new owner.  There wasn't a thorough background check.

Upon seeing Theodore, I didn't really want him.  He was bigger than I expected and somehow didn't look like he could ever be my rabbit.  On the phone, I had tried to ask questions so that I could make a good decision.  Once the whole chain of events had started though, it was very unlikely that I would refuse to take him.  Once I saw a bunny sitting there, needing me, it was even more unlikely.

I took Theodore home and he was wild and crazy at the beginning.  He charged up the stairs, he chewed cords and he was somewhat difficult to love.  Fortunately, he calmed down and set his sights on earning the cuddliest rabbit title.  Now he can bask in that glory.

While the young man who gave Theodore to me seemed to like him and to know him well, he gave him to a stranger in a parking lot, for free.  This animal, while bigger than some rabbits, is really so small and defenceless.  He had and has so much love to give and there he was, sitting in his cage, at the mercy of someone who wanted to get rid of him and someone he didn't know.  Is that the best we can do for an animal?

I was in a pet store today, buying food for Theodore and little Powder.  I stood and watched a beautiful rabbit.  He or she was playful and seemed happy.  I wonder what its life will be like.  I wonder if someone will buy it and take care of it for the rest of its life.  It's possible.  But I've been to the Humane Society, looked up classified listings, acquired a rabbit in a parking lot.  I know that rabbits and other pets often end up needing new homes.  I know that pet owners are not always committed to animals they purchase.  I know that people don't always afford animals the care they deserve.  A happy ending for that rabbit is not guaranteed.

My instinct was to buy the rabbit I saw today.  That's not the answer.  I'll just become The Crazy Rabbit Lady (I know there are bets on for when that will happen anyways) and that won't be good for anyone.  Instead, I will take care of my pets and quietly seek ways to encourage responsible pet ownership.  Animals have so much love to give.  They deserve lots of ours in return.


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