Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Few Random, Unsolicited Thoughts

Over the last few days I've had some thoughts.   And, while I apologize in advance, I feel a need to share them.

1.  Sometimes, the sweet smell of baked goods emanates from the local grocery store.  One day, recently, I smelled fish instead.  As I considered this in my mind, I came up with a product that would smell sweet AND fishy.  Called Cupcake Surprise, it would be a delightful cupcake with the bonus of fish in the middle.  Chosen correctly, the fish would offer antioxidant benefits inside a sweet treat.  Isn't your mouth just watering?

2.  I went into a store today and discovered a simple way to learn how kind people can be:  Bleed!  Unbeknownst to me until I went to pay for a smoothie and a wrap, I had a small cut and a surprisingly large amount of blood on my hand.  My son helped me complete the purchase and I tried to clean up the mess.  Soon enough, the man behind the counter offered me band-aids.  He was so nice!  As a result, I will make a point to patronize his store again.  And if I once again have an open wound, all the better.

3.  If someone had told me when I woke up this morning that today I would help a Furby toy work through some issues and develop a better outlook on life, I would have been baffled and confused.  I'm still baffled and confused (about this and many other things) but this happened.  Interactive toys are very interactive now and Furbies respond to how they are treated.  As well, some come out of the box rather cranky and need a lot of support.  I was able to supply that support to one young friend's Furby.  That's something to put on the resume.

4.  My family may have to move out of our house to make room for all of the reusable shopping bags we have.  Sadly, I often end up at the checkout desk without a resuable shopping bag.  Refusing to come with me on shopping trips, I think they stay home and plot the takeover of even more areas of the house.  I'm quite scared.

5. A kitchen product catalogue arrived in our house. My husband has gotten to the point where he knows that buying me anything to encourage or help me in the kitchen would be an unwise move. We've been married 20 years; let's give up on me ever having an interest in cooking (although I do love baking). I suggest he avoid the kitchen area of the house when doing any shopping for me. Unless he wants to get me a Shark mop to clean the floor.  Oddly enough, I would love that.

6.  I went into a store and saw a Christmas tree that would be the perfect size for my rabbits.  Really?  It's gone that far?  Oh I hope not.  What is it about this season that makes buying something ridiculous like that seem like a good idea?  Why is it that doing and buying everything suddenly seems like the right thing?  I hope we can all find more meaning in the season that that.

7.  A few days ago, through (almost) no fault of my own, I was locked out of my house even though I had a key.  I could explain more fully but I won't.  Thankfully when I phoned my son's school to give him a message about an alternate place to go after school, I kept the story short too.  I would prefer to have staff at the school think, simply, that I locked myself out and not that I am a disturbed person who feels compelled to explain stories in the most minute detail for no particular reason.  They don't need to know that.  (That's why I have a blog).

Happy thoughts to all!


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