Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Opening A Door

Yesterday I enjoyed a nice bus ride.  I had a seat, the bus went along a street I enjoy (lots of Arts and Crafts style homes) and I had some peaceful thinking time.  As well, an accident with a truck was avoided (very narrowly) so there was that for which to be grateful.

At some point during the ride, a young man entered the bus.  From his clothes, demeanour and the way he sat in a heap at the back of the bus, he seemed like he might be troublesome.  He did nothing wrong but I remained aware that he was there.

When we got to our common destination, I got off the bus first.  I managed to open the door (I am never quite sure about Calgary bus doors so this was an accomplishment) and held it for this man. For me, this was a very simple act.  I'm glad I carried it out though.  For one thing, it meant I didn't get squashed in it as it snapped shut.  More importantly though, the man said "Thank you."

While neither of us did anything big in this situation, I think that we both did things that are worthwhile.  By holding the door open, I suggested that this man as worthy of courtesy.  By saying "Thank you" he confirmed that this is true.

He brightened my day by reminding me that there's so much more to people than sometimes meets the eye.  I don't know if I made any difference to him but my action didn't hurt.  I wish him well and hope he reveals some more of the good inside him.  And I hope that he has better luck with bus doors than I do.  Those things can be scary.


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