Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Friday, July 6, 2012

To Experience Summer

I've been outside recently, in the beautiful summer weather, and felt like I get it.  I really understand that it's a shame to waste a beautiful season like this inside and especially unfortunate to spend any of it in front of the tv.  My family has put some effort into making our backyard space more comfortable this year and we've all had some fun in it.  Still, though, it's easy to end up back inside and let another summer go by.  I'm doing it right now.  Maybe it's habit.  In this climate, it's cold for a lot of the year and staying inside when it's cold makes sense to me.  I want to work on a new habit - to go outside and live life from a different perspective.   I don't know what the outcome of that effort will be and it surprises me that it seems like an effort to spend more time outside.  I will try to learn the outcome though.  There are only so many beautiful summer days and nights.  It's good to enjoy them.


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