Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Sunday, July 15, 2012

So Sad

I saw on the news last night the aftermath of landslides in BC.  They've devastated a small community and there may be some lives lost.  It is terrible.

One woman spoke about what she did once that slide had hit.  She got her three children out of their house safely.  She did not manage, however, to bring her baby's ashes.  They may be lost forever.  She said that she should have taken them.  Oh.

The thing that struck me was that this lovely young woman should not have a baby's ashes.  Why did she have to endure whatever events led to that sad outcome?  To me, that doesn't seem like what "should" have happened.  And yet she blames herself for not taking the ashes.  She managed to bring her three living children to safety.  She did so well.

I understand her regret.  I hope she manages to forgive herself though.  To my way of thinking, she "shouldn't" have to bring her baby's ashes - she should have another living child to help out of the house.  She has suffered already.  I hope she doesn't hurt herself with regret.


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