Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Ultimate Sale (Unless You Want A Blue Hoodie)

I was at a store today where a huge sale was going on.  It's not just huge, it's ultimate.  That's what they call it anyways.  I guess it's a pretty big deal.

I looked through the store and there was a lot of merchandise.  Some of it I didn't recognize as being items that the store would carry.  While I like this chain, I have noticed before that they seem to bring in items when they have sales.  I don't like that.  Still, there were some items I'd liked previously and they were on sale.  They didn't have all sizes though so I couldn't get the top I wanted.

I did find a blue hoodie that I liked.  Now, unless I want to break some record for blue hoodie/sweater/jacket ownership, I probably don't need another one.  But I would wear it and it looked nice.  I could use a fresh blue hoodie.  Couldn't we all?  Sadly, and I suppose I should have expected it, this item was not part of the sale.  Tables of mystery tank tops and weird, flouncy blouses that looked like they're in the store due to a shipping mistake were part of the sale.  Good solid hoodies were just not ultimate enough to be included, somehow.

Sometimes I think that my tastes are unpopular enough that I will do well in a sale or clearance environment.  Unless I have had my eye on something previously though, this rarely works out.  Maybe my taste is better than I think or maybe sales aren't always all they seem to be.  I can see the potential for making bad purchasing decisions when you're in a store surrounded by sale signs and items with substantial markdowns.  A lot of things can suddenly seem like a good buy.

I suppose that even in favourite stores, we as buyers still have to beware.  Stores want to sell us items and it's up to us to be selective about the ones we buy.  Maybe some day I will find that blue hoodie on sale and buy it.  It would get along well with the one I'm wearing now.


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