Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Friday, January 27, 2012

On Being An Aunt

I find it kind of funny being an aunt.  I never decided to be one.  There was no application process, that I recall.  But now I have one nephew and five nieces.  I also have what I consider to be a potentially important role to play.  I want to do it right.

With my nephew, I'm not sure that I can offer much.  I was not a little boy and I am trying my best to figure out what to do with my son.  Perhaps I can pass on some of the knowledge I acquire there to my nephew.  I will give it a shot.

To my nieces, I hope that I can make a positive difference, big or small, in their lives.  I hope that I can encourage them to develop and enjoy developing all their wonderfully unique talents and abilities.  When I learn that one of them likes to write (among many other things she does really well) and I give her a writing pad, it's a vote of confidence in her potential.  When another one likes to draw, I give her a blank paper pad and hope that she will filll it with her beautiful imaginings.  When one needs furniture for a certain room in her dollhouse, I set out to find that furniture.  I want these girls to know that I see them, hear them, and believe in them so much.

Some of them have started to admire female singers.  I will show my interest, because of their interest, but I hope that maybe I can steer them away from wanting to copy or be that actress or singer.  I want each of the girls to be herself, always.  That's wonderful enough.  I hope they know that.  Yes, Taylor Swift is amazing; so are you.  And we need you just as you are.

I have learned not to pretend that I am their age or one of them.  I was tempted to do a gymnastics manoeuver last summer for two of them until I realized that might ruin the visit quickly.  Trips to emergency rooms tend to do that.  In staying true to my age and role, while also having fun with the girls, I can give them a view of what it's like to be a grown-up girl.  I think that's useful.

All of my nieces have wonderful mothers, as do I.  I am not trying to step on anybody's toes.  But it's nice, I think, for girls to have a variety of women in their lives and always nice when these women show interest and belief in them.

I didn't have aunts to whom I was close when I was growing up.  I was gifted for a short time with someone who filled a similar role.  I wish that time had been longer.

I will try to be a good aunt and I love that some of the girls consider me a "cool aunt."  I am very glad that I stumbled into this role, however it happened.  I hope that I make a difference. 



  1. I find being an Auntie one of the best jobs in the world. I want each of my nephews and niece to know how special they are and how much I truly love them. I sometimes find I can be a better Auntie than a mom. You nephew and nieces are very lucky to have you as an Auntie.

  2. Yes, Auntie is a unique role. And a pleasant part of life. I think it's really worth the effort to be a good aunt.
    Thank you, Anonymous. :)

  3. I really liked your letter on being an auntie. I think you are a fabulous auntie!

    1. Well, that means the absolute world to me, Katy. Thank you. You've made me cry.
      Love Auntie Joanne :)