Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Peace of Christmas

It is daytime on Christmas Eve.  Earlier today, I experienced peace.  I was walking through an alley after a quick trip to the mall.  (NOW I'm done!)  I noticed the gentle nearby sound of traffic, I saw the white snowy environment in which I was walking, I witnessed the stillness and it was nice.

Ideally, we would feel very peaceful at Christmastime.  We seem to have messed that up though.  Instead, this becomes a fascinatingly complicated time of year.  No tv show, whether scripted or reality-based, could outdo the family scenarios that develop and are played out at this time of year.  Cooking a Christmas dinner is one thing - figuring out which family members will attend can be a much more complex matter.  Buying presents can be heartfelt but it seems incredibly important these days to get the right present.  For various reasons, even Christmas dinner table favours can be prepared with equal parts enthusiasm and spite.  (I can give you the pattern for them but you have to supply your own spite.)  It can get so crazy.

Experiencing the peace, that stillness, on my walk this morning was an unexpected surprise.  It was a also a reminder that all of this hoopla is not what matters.  Listening to the quiet, treasuring our loved ones, both family and friends, enjoying the beauty of the season and perhaps trying to understand its meaning, I think these may be some of the true joys of Christmas.

I hope that you all experience many precious joys and much peace this holiday season.  Merry Christmas!


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