Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Giving of A Gift: Part 1

It's Christmastime and like many, many other people I am trying to come up with suitable gifts for  people (And pets; don't forget the pets).  While the numbers of people in my immediate and extended families may not be large, there are several December birthdays.  I don't hold the timing against these people but I do see that my that my son was wise to avoid the issue and be born early.  December is a busy time.

Some gifts come together easily; for my mother, I had bought a few things, ordered one thing on line and realized I had completed her birthday and Christmas shopping.  It was amazing.  For some people, more effort is required.  For my dad, it's hard to know.  I tend to buy books but I've tended to do that for a while and don't want to overdo it.  I don't want him to cower in fear when he sees another Indigo package arrive.

I saw some ads on tv for Hotpaws.  I don't know what aspect of the ads really caught my attention but Hotpaws makes warm gloves and scarves and I thought they might have something for my dad.  I've had no indication that he suddenly finds himself colder than usual but he goes for walks and it's winter in Canada.  Products to keep warm are necessary.

Looking at the Hotpaws website, I decided the most suitable product was a fleece neckwarmer.  It looked warm and soft.  There would be other presents too but this would be the feature item.

As I thought about the selection of this gift, it occurred to me that, although I can't guarantee whether the neckwarmer would be worn and enjoyed, this was a heartfelt gift.  Yes, it's Christmas and we feel a need to find something and it's a relief when we do.  And yes, it's possible that my Dad has more scarves and other neck-warming items than one person could possibly need.  Within those parameters, however, I would be buying something because I love my Dad and I don't want his neck to be cold.  That's kind of a nice gift.

As we develop gift ideas, it's nice when our motivation is this simple.  It's hard to come up with such ideas for each person on the list but we can try.

(We can also throw out a few hints about what we would like to receive.  I'd like some heartfelt presents too.  And I haven't reached the point when I cower in fear when Indigo packages arrive.)


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