Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's Not So Difficult After All

I think that after 10 years of being home, except for my brief preschool employment, I am learning to manage and enjoy my time at home. This likely means a job is on the horizon. Until I find a job or one finds me, though, I will keep making this at-home thing work.

My house looks better than it did. I loved seeing clear surfaces after Christmas items were removed and I still enjoy seeing them now. I am gradually improving rooms one at a time. The laundry room is one that I'm pleased about as it has never gotten much attention. Poor room.

I spend time writing and when I do it, that time is dedicated just to writing. I have a spot, I have a practice, there's a place in my life for writing. I don't have a particular time for it; I still don't have or desire that much structure.

I have slowed down my purchases of magazines, household cleaners and, for now, even books. Those were things that I bought more often than was necessary. This means that there is less clutter. It frees up my mind and space in the house. Yay for less clutter.

Having less things around the house lets me see the things that I treasure more. I also have more of a feeling of pride in the house and that leads to being more willing to open it up and enjoy sharing it.

I haven't made huge changes and nothing about my house or life is perfect. Neither ever will be. I am not telling anyone they should do this or that. Rather, I am pleased to be reporting that changes, at least small ones, are possible. I find that reassuring and hopeful. Maybe you do too.



  1. What a peaceful sounding post :) Love it. :)

  2. Thank you so much, Heather. I needed your lovely compliment today! :)