Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Monday, January 31, 2011

If I'm Not Careful, I'll Get a Job

Based on my job hunting success rate so far, the chances of getting a job seem negligible. Still, if I keep sending out letters and resumes, it could happen. I don't know that I want that.

On the one hand, I do not want to be at home full time with the expectation that I clean the house and cook. This works for some people but I want to do different things as well and I thrive in participating in life outside this sphere.

The picture in my mind of a full-time job outside the home, though, is not that inviting. There would be expectations, limited time, a rigid schedule. I'd earn money, yes, but at what cost?

I like applying a lot of my energy to my son. He matters. I like applying a lot of my energy to my creativity and learning. To my friends. To living outside the grid of life. I don't fit in to a standard role and don't know that I want to. My Myers-Brigg type is INFP; this is somewhat rare. I'm different and I'm glad and I have contributions to make to the world IN MY OWN WAY.

My dream is to earn money from a variety of sources and applications of my talents. Sometimes it may add up to a little, sometimes it may add up to a lot. I don't want to trap myself in an employment world where I don't have enough freedom. I'd better be careful applying for more jobs.


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