Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Monday, April 13, 2015

Oh, the festivities!

It's Purse Dumping Day! The contents of mine are not particularly unusual or scary this time. There's probably more unrefrigerated cheese than is necessary (hard to say) but there are no horribly aging bananas. Perhaps you'd like to dump your purse today too! (Or your backpack or that compartment in your hat where you've been stowing things for way too long) It's like receiving a Christmas stocking from Santa that he filled at the end of his route from debris in his sleigh. There might even be some used reindeer tissues in there; I don't know. Happy Purse Dumping Day and Monday to you all!



  1. So sad to be reading your last entry.
    Over the many years you brought us much laughter and joy.
    We will all miss you.
    Rest in peace Joanne, aka The Penguin Lady.

  2. I have enjoyed your site before; I returned today because of your obituary.
    Rest in Peace.