Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Some New Book Titles For Your Consideration

Once again, I have developed a list of potential book titles. Your input on any and all of them is very welcome. Any one of them could end up being a masterpiece. Or not.

1.  Occasional Tooth Flossing and the Treasures You Can Find

2.  Decorating With Bananas

3.  The Case for Hopping:  An Insightful Compilation of Essays by Rabbits and Kangaroo Authors

4.  The Sunday Morning Traffic Helicopter: Addressing the Question "Why?"

5.  Strategies for the Unusually-Toed (Volume 1):  Finding the Right-Shaped Shoes

6.  A Squirrel's Guide to Summer: Relaxing while Planning for Your Busy Gathering Season

7.  The Avocado:  Getting to Know It Better and Making It Your Friend

8.  You and Your Bad Mood:  Exploiting Its Awesome Power for Personal and Professional Gain

9.  The Role of Pickles in Today's Society And a Look at the Years Ahead

10. "How Was Clown College?" - Hilarious Things to Say When People Make Fun of Your Comedy Class

11. Going Out for Breakfast: Towards An Understanding Of Why Eating Eggs in Public Brings Such Joy

12. People and their Dustbuster Handheld Vacuums: A Stunning Photo Collection

I will leave the list at that for now and should get working on title number five. I could really use some right-shaped shoes.

Happy reading!


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