Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Walking Along

Does it ever happen to you that you're walking along and you suddenly think you've dislocated your hip and then you decide that you couldn't have dislocated your hip or you wouldn't be walking along but you think that you probably shouldn't have jumped into those new abdominal exercises because you could hurt yourself but you are prone to jumping into things full force which sometimes leads to regret later and then you keep walking along, observe some traffic actions that make you borderline hostile, and then are pleased when a bus driver indicates he'd wait for you and you motion that you don't want the bus and you keep walking and you hear a train whistle and you wonder why because you don't always hear them and that might mean construction or an animal on the tracks or a human on the tracks and you hope everyone is okay and you think about how you like railroad history and other bits of local history and then, lost in thought, you realize you've veered just off the sidewalk and onto some ice and you almost fall but don't which is lucky because you don't want to explain to an emergency crew that you fell on ice when there's a completely clear sidewalk and you just know the looks you'd see them exchange and then you keep walking and don't think about anything particularly interesting for a while and then you keep walking and see a somewhat new neighbour and you wonder if you should be friendly at some point but there were some hurt feelings with the previous people in that house and you don't want that to happen again although that's rather silly and at some point you notice a patch of snow on the sidewalk that kind of looks like a bunny and then you see some that reminds you of Australia but you're not entirely sure of the shape of Australia but you are not as confused about that as you are about how Nevada, California and Arizona are located relative to to each other and you find the whole area of New York City confusing and think that maybe, especially with the NYC area, the maps gets changed between times you look at them and with California it does't really matter how it's placed geographically as long as the ocean is there, the Tower of Terror at Disneyland is there and that you can still stay at that nice simple motel in Anaheim when you're lucky enough to go back there even if last October the staff at the motel didn't seem really enthusiastic but maybe that was due to it being off-season and it didn't matter because it was cool to see the Haunted Mansion decorated for Halloween (and Christmas) and then you arrive home, relax, have a little lunch and enjoy the rest of your day?

No?  Me neither.


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