Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Venturing Out on a Rainy Day

I was out walking in the rain today.  I had a coat on and the rain wasn't much of a bother to me.  I became interested in the plight of one type of creature though and noticed that they were having, as they always do when it rains, much rougher days.

For humans, getting out of our comfort zones is supposed to be a good thing.  We can extend ourselves, grow, take on new challenges.  For worms, it's really not a good idea.  It seems they would be much better off staying in their worm homes, looking out their worm windows should they be lucky enough to have them, and accepting that staying within their usual boundaries is the best choice for them.  We know what happens when they don't do it.  I wish we could communicate the message to them.

Today I saw a robin eating something on the sidewalk.  As I got close, the robin flew away and I realized that it had been eating a still-wiggling worm.  I picked it up on a stick and put it in the grass.  I wanted to help it but doubt I made much of a difference and I may have ruined that robin's lunch.  Soon after, I saw a big worm in the middle of an alley.  One car had gone by and missed it but I don't know that its luck would hold out.  And really, it was in an alley - was there that much to see that it made the perilous journey worthwhile?

Worms that venture out and are not eaten nor involved in unfortunate accidents often do not do well either.  When the sun is shining again, we don't see them out basking in the sun, eating ice cream cones, riding bikes, or coming home with bags full of new purchases from the mall.  Rather, we see sad evidence of how their journeys ended.  It's not pleasant.

Perhaps to worms it's worth it to venture out on rainy days despite the serious problems many of them do encounter.  Maybe they have something to teach us all about taking chances and enjoying ourselves for a period of time, however short.  I don't know but I do think they should think a little harder about their rainy day travel habits.  It might work out well for birds but it often doesn't end up well for them.  I think worms have a lot to consider.



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