Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Golf Information

The Masters golf tournament is on now.  I know that this means a green jacket will be placed on someone at the end of play on Sunday and that this tournament takes place in August, Georgia.  I know that Tiger Woods won this tournament at least once and that it was a big deal when he did.  That was at a time when it was easier to be a fan of Tiger Woods.

Other than those few things about the Masters, I know very little.  And I'm fine with that.  I don't follow golf.  It usually doesn't follow me.  This weekend has been different, however.  Golf information has even followed me into the bathroom.  That's never happened before.

My husband is interested in this tournament and particularly in the play of Fred Couples.  I know because he's told me various details about Mr. Couples.  The information hasn't really harmed me but the communication of it to me has annoyed me a little.  I'm simply not that interested.  And I don't need to be continually informed of new Fred Couples trivia.  Yes, he's an older golfer.  That's nice.  Yes, he hasn't won as often as you might expect.  Interesting (maybe).  But why was he telling me these things?  Really, why?

This morning things crossed a strange line when I was, um, sitting in the bathroom.  He called to me to tell me that Fred Couples had won the Master tournament one time.  Wow.  What does one do with that information in a situation like that?  I believe I looked around with an incredulous look on my face.  I don't have witnesses to back that up.

I haven't heard a lot more about the golf or Fred Couples since this incident and our talk afterwards.  I love that my husband likes sharing things but sometimes I don't see the point.  I even have some trouble when we're both reading the paper and he reads portions to me.  I tend to find the things I want to read on my own and I consider reading to be a solo sport.  I probably do this too though so I'll try to let that go.

Really, it's funny and kind of sweet that my husband is so excited about the golf, the play of Fred Couples and sharing his enthusiasm.  I still don't care about golf but I do care that my husband is having a nice, relaxing weekend off work, and that he's found something he finds interesting.  I bet sometimes he's not quite as excited as I am about my rabbits, my writing and my other interests.  And I have followed him to the bathroom to tell him things.  Wow, I guess I'm just as weird.  Just not about golf.


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