Flowers in California

Flowers in California

Saturday, November 19, 2011

In Our Pursuits

I wonder if she enjoys watching SpongeBob SquarePants.  I'd think that could go either way.  I like that show.  Oh, but I'm digressing before I even get going here.  I'll get back on track.

In the Globe and Mail Books Section today, I enjoyed the "My Books, My Place" piece.  Author Susan Casey was featured.

While it's often interesting to look at this column and see where people like to read and/or write, I was especially interested in learning about Susan Casey.  She described her ideal setting for reading (it sounded neat and would be in Hawaii) and she talked about the many books she owns.  A lot of them are ocean-related and many deal with sea creatures.  And it was clear that she is enthusiastic about them all.

I find it fascinating that people have varied interests.  From the picture accompanying the article, I wouldn't have expected this woman to be a sea creature enthusiast (for one thing, there's a cat sitting beside her.  I guess they're easier as pets).  For another thing, it's just so different.  I don't know too many (if any) people with similar passions.  And it's wonderful that this woman knows her passion and is pursuing it.

Whatever our interests, our passions (as long as they're healthy - nothing damaging), we can make our lives richer by digging into them.  Questions lead to more questions, discoveries lead us in new directions and our pursuits lead us to people with similar fascinations.  As we acquire more knowledge, we have more to contribute to life.  Plus, it's just fun.

So, let's go and pursue our own sea creatures.  In whatever forms they take.  Enjoy them all!


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